The boomslang is a notification service for people working with JIRA and Tempo to track their work time.

Normally you work on a task and at the end of that task you log time spent on it and the life is perfect. But that is not how it goes and you know it! The timesheets are forgotten and filling them in retrospectively is a nightmare.

Boomslang can help! It will monitor your Tempo timesheet and use chrome notifications to inform you of any missing time entries. There are few modes of operation depending on how you like to work:

- Notify you of a missing worklog the next day

- Notify that you currently have no worklog in Tempo for the work you're doing

- Notify that your current task in Tempo has finished

- Notify that your current task in Tempo has finished

Together with some simple actions it serves as a powerful tool to help you keep perfect worklogs.

Get started

Get started with Boomslang you can download it from Chrome Web Store here

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